2018 April 6-7, 2018 | Salt Lake City, UT Registration will open September 1, 2017
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BOLD Judge's Award Discretionary BOLD awards unique to each competition!

BOLD Dance Competition

BOLD Dance Competition is committed to providing a professional performance space for dancers to showcase their talent and passion for the art of dance. 

DANCERS will perform on a professional stage for a panel of judges who are as dedicated to the art as you are. We will provide your dancer with a stress-free environment where they can shine in the spotlight. All of BOLD's adjudication is done by audio/video with easy online viewing.

TEACHERS and PARENTS, we know how stressful competition day can be. BOLD has a concierge desk that is at your service throughout the competition. Our staff is experiences in the dance competition scene and understands what it takes to run an on-time, exciting and fulfilling dance competition. Complimentary lunch and dinner's for directors and an additional teacher.

AWARDS are plentiful and BOLD. While competing isn't all about the trophy, it is nice to be recognized for the hard work. Every dancer will receive a participation award for every dance they are in. Routines in each age and ability level will be rewarded as well as up to 8 BOLD Judge's Choice awards at each award ceremony. We leave the BOLD award up to the discretion of our judging panel, making the BOLD awards exciting and unique!

  • Registration

    Studio Registration

    Register Group and Solo routines Here: Login or call: 801-218-2667.


    April 6 - 7, 2018  | Salt Lake City, UT
    Registration will open September 1, 2017.
    Please call and RSVP your studio to guarantee your spot!
  • Solo/Duet/Trio

    Solo/Due/Trio Registration

    All Solos, Duets and Trios must be registered with your studio registration.

    Independent entries will open when regular registration closes, February 15, 2018.
    Independent Routines will be notified of their acceptance (first come, first serve) via email and on our website.
    Entries will have 24 hours to complete registration and payment. If the registration is not complete - the next entry will be notified.

    PLEASE CLICK HERE for WAITLIST registration starting September 1, 2017

    CLICK HERE to make a solo/duet/trio payment.

  • Studio Info



    Parking information will be available when the Theater is announced

    Dressing Rooms:

    BOLD Competition is proud to be using a professional performance space. Keep in mind that the dressing rooms were not designed for large groups of people. There will be a dance room/rehearsal space available downstairs throughout the competition and will be monitored by a BOLD team member to keep everyone on schedule....


  • Parent Info


    Please plan on extra time for drop-off and parking. This year's competition has "off-site" parking. Ask your studio director for the exact time they expect you to arrive. However, we suggest arriving at least 1 hour before your first scheduled performance. 


    Parking information will be available when the Theater is announced.


  • Parking


    Information Coming Soon.