The live event has been postponed. We will have the new dates for you very soon.

We will be hosting an online event in the coming weeks. While schools are closed and many studios are following suit for the health and safety of their students and families, we will be waiting to host the online competition for several weeks. We will announce the date once we have a better eye on the current situation surrounding COVID-19.


We are thrilled to have been invited back to Capitol Theater for 2020! 
BOLD Dance Competition is their last performance before they close for renovations, so we are very lucky to have secured such a beautiful performance space.


Theater Etiquette

No food or drink is allowed in the theater.

Strollers are not allowed in the theater (due to fire code) and must be left at the coat-check area.

NO flash photography

Please enter and exit the theater between performances only. 

The balcony will not be available for seating during this competition.



Parking is available in any of the public parking lots near the theater. They have an hourly and daily rate for parking.
The parking lot Southwest of the theater had the best rates last year. The parking lot under Olive Garden has the most expensive daily rate in the area. 
BOLD Productions is not responsible for parking or any damage or loss to your vehicle in a parking area. Please obey all parking guides and restrictions.



Prop unloading is available on the East side of the theater, through the parking garage attached to the theater.

Prop loading/unloading can only be done before the competitions, during breaks and awards.



All dancers in the group competition will receive a medal that matches the placement (bronze, silver, gold or platinum). These medals will be given to studio directors after the final awards ceremony and can be picked up at your studio.


Dance Challenge

All dancers are welcome to participate in our dance challenge just before the final awards ceremony. It is free to participate.

Dancers will learn a short combination and perform it for the judges. They will pick several winners, the grand prize is $50 cash (or $75 BOLD credit).

The dance challenge is run like an audition be prepared to learn fast and wear something that will stand out!