How do I claim my dancers account?

Instructions can be found by CLICKING HERE


Error: User with same email already exists

This email has already been used to create or claim an account. Unfortunately, we do not have a way to deactivate this email and reassign it. However, you can use a "fake" email to create an account. An example would be This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Parent has more than one dancer

They will need to use 2 different emails for each account. A "fake" email can be used for one of them.


Critiques never start playing

First, CHROME is the best browser to view your critiques, and they do even better on a computer vs mobile device.

Clear your cookies and cache, exit out of your browser and try again. If you are still having a problem, check if your browser needs an update.


I'm stuck in "Studio Center'

Clear your cache and cookies, then login using this link:


I can't download my pictures

*We ONLY have pictures available, we did not take videos of your routines other than for adjudication.

These will only be able to be downloaded on a computer since they are a .zip file.

If you download the file and it's empty, let us know, we have them!!